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Welcome to CONSIDERATION – your guide to digital and sustainable sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our groundbreaking project, developed in collaboration with a diverse group of users, trainers, and consultants, is developing a state-of-the-art learning platform. This platform will be equipped with innovative tools to enable SMEs to develop and refine their digital strategies independently.

Our vision is clearly defined: We want to support SMEs in conducting self-assessments and formulating robust digitalisation strategies. Our platform will develop a comprehensive range of sub-tools to help SMEs monitor and report on their green transformation, leverage data analytics for business insights, shift to digital-centric business networks and models, and implement skills development programs.

Our structured approach to innovation is divided into four content-related work packages (WPs), each carefully supported by rigorous research:

– WP2: Selecting the optimal platform and creating the Digital Strategy Development Tool (DSDT) and associated sub-tools.

– WP3: Training of trainers on the DSDT and sub-tools, including the development of comprehensive course materials and the delivery of workshops.

– WP4: Train SMEs through interactive workshops and courses to ensure the practical application of the DSDT.

– WP5: Critically evaluate all activities, apply research methods to refine the tools based on user feedback, and promote the longevity of the solution.

Our target audience includes SMEs, business incubators, technology centers, clusters, ICT service providers, and educational institutions focusing on SME development. The CONSIDERATION project is a collaboration of eight partners from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden, including three universities, three technology parks, a business school, and a chamber of commerce. The Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Roskilde University in Denmark is in charge of this pioneering project.

The total budget for this transnational project is 1.8 million euros for 3 years.

CONSIDERATION is not just an initiative but a step into the future for SMEs to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world. Discover with us the possibilities of digital transformation and sustainable innovation – together we are shaping a sustainable economy.

More information you could find at here on the page of the lead partner.

Link to the learning platform and tools

The Digital Strategy Development Tool and its sub-tools are to be set up on an open source platform to support digital strategy development expertise for SMEs. Here we will publish the link to this platform.
The sub-tools focus on:
– Sustainability assessment and reporting.
– Business data management and analysis.
– Development of digital business models.
– Skills and competence development.
– Didactic considerations for digital learning tools.

The solution will be available in English, Danish, German, Polish, Lithuanian and Swedish. In addition, the platform will include a wide range of learning tools for creating courses and learning activities.

Additional Information / Workshops / Events

Here we will link to the learning platform as soon as possible and also announce workshops, experiments and results of the project.
Courses, course concepts and course material will be available in English, Danish, German, Polish, Lithuanian and Swedish. In addition, the platform contains a wide range of learning tools for creating courses and learning activities.

Dates and courses (online and offline) based on the Digital Strategy Development Tool and its sub-tools, especially aimed at trainers and counsellors, will be published here.

The course material and course concepts aimed at SMEs to improve their ability to develop their own digital strategy in view of the digital and green transition will be posted here.

In order to continue the CONSIDERATION project in the long term, a concept is to be developed that enables permanent non-profit operation. We would like to get in touch with future sponsors, service providers and open source developers. We look forward to ideas, requests, tips and support.

More questions?

You need advice on digitalization and are interested in the workshops and events planned as part of “Consideration”. We will be happy to support you.


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