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Successful Management in Start-ups and SMEs

Management in start-ups and SMEs is crucial to the company’s success or failure.

Finding methods to support start-ups to develop successful and sustainable management structures is a shared challenge in incubator organisations.  

Support Instrument from IRIS:

The IRIS instrument for Successful management is a method to reach more significant effects that will lead to faster growth and higher sustainability in start-ups and SMEs.

Management can be defined as processes necessary to run a start-up or SME (in essence; sales, production and delivery), the functions needed to run the processes and the roles needed to run the specific functions.  The team shall also mutually agree on the “mission” of the company, to enable alignment of actions and operations.  Also, the team’s behavior and motivators on a personal level will affect the management of businesses.

IRIS method is further described in this outcome document.

The workshop on Successful management in start-ups and SME´s was supported by an expert input of Daiva Koponen, Lecturer, Researcher, Business Consultant, Mentor and Adviser (Kaunas University of Technology).

For more information about the IRIS support instrument you are welcome to contact IRIS lead partner Dalarna Science Park, who can also provide training. E-mail kontaktdalarnascienceparkse

Best Practice:

Defined Exit Criterias as Coach Instrument
Dalarna Science Park, Borlange, Sweden

Start in Podkarpackie
Rzeszów Regional Development Agency, Rzeszów, Poland

Other Practices:

Assessment of Innovation Management Capacity
Latvian Technological Center, Riga, Latvia

Teaming up - Meetings
Turku Science Park, Turku, Finland

Photo Gallery:

The IRIS group of incubators around the Baltic Sea met in Vilnius for the meeting on "Successful management in start-ups and SME's".  As always all participants give a big round of applause to the regional organisers: Thank you Startup division!