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Female Entrepreneurship

Women represent a large pool of entrepreneurial potential and are still underrepresented in incubators. Developing methods to find and attract female entrepreneurs to incubators is a common challenge.  

The cultural differences most likely influence the country-specific possibilities and challenges for female entrepreneurship.

Support Instrument from IRIS:

The IRIS tool is a process to create new approaches to reach substantial results in attracting female entrepreneurs. The Sprint model was used by IRIS to develop prototypes, addressing specific challenges, that have been tested and are ready to use. The process includes several steps: “mapping the problem”, “picking a target”, “sketching a solution”, “decision making”, “creating a storyboard” and “prototyping”.

IRIS support instrument is further described in this outcome document.

The workshop on Female entrepreneurship was supported by an expert interview of Helle Neergaard, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Aarhus University.

For more information about the IRIS support instrument you are welcome to contact IRIS lead partner Dalarna Science Park, who can also provide training. E-mail kontaktdalarnascienceparkse

Best Practice:

Business Support for Women
BNTU Polytechnic, Minsk, Belarus

Startup Division, Vilnius, Lithuania

Other Practices:

Tech Sisters Community
Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia

Startup Division, Vilnius, Lithuania

Photo Gallery:

The IRIS group of incubators around the Baltic Sea met in Aarhus for the meeting on "female entrepreneurship".  As always all participants give a big round of applause to the regional organisers: Thank you Business Hub Central Denmark!