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Startup Division

Lithuania, Vilnius


  • Around 20 full time staff members
  • 10+ years in running
  • Originated as a spin off of an international consulting company Civitta


  • 5+ million EUR funding attracted for startups and SMEs
  • 200+ international mentor network
  • Experience in designing and running 7 acceleration programmes
  • 220 products or services adapted to new markets
  • The only Startup Europe ambassador in Lithuania
  • Experience in the areas of fintech, blockchain, robotics, 3D printing
  • Liaison with DIHs across Europe
  • Startup ecosystem leader network in the US, India, across Europe and in Africa

Start-up Offers

  • Acceleration support
  • Mentorship
  • Support to young mothers to start a business
  • Support for young founders to develop skills abroad