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Fund Victoria

Russia, Kaliningrad


Oleg Matukevich
President of the Foundation
+7 4012 777 155


  • Established in 2008 on the base of  Business Information Centre INOK
  • A local chain of EEN-Russia (2010-2016)
  • Profound knowledge of the regional economic and business environment
  • Exclusive information resources and technologies
  • Strong local and international partnership network


  • Market research and social-economic reviews
  • Technology transfer
  • Participation in EU projects (economic and regional development)
  • Export promotion (business missions, forums and workshops, exhibitions etc.)
  • Sales promotion for individual companies

Start-up Offers

  • Knowledge, experience, data and networks to initiate knowledge flow in all segments of business development
  • Access to finance / audit / legal / sales / information security services
  • Up-to-date office facilities (conference and meeting rooms, a call-center, technically equipped  training center, IT networks and reception services)