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Welcome, välkommen, sveiki, добро пожаловать, tervetuola, willkommen, witamy, ...

Welcome at IRIS!

IRIS is the acronym of a EU funded project (Interreg BSR Program) where Business incubator organisations (in the following business incubators) from all countries around the Baltic Sea work together.

IRIS stands for "Improve Regional Innovation Support".

Business incubators are in many ways crucial supporters for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises that drive economic growth and create jobs.  They jointly nurture new skills, help create new companies, boost innovation and entrepreneurship and to support in opening up new markets.

By enhancing the incubator performance the IRIS project leads to more surviving start-up companies and growing businesses. In this way, IRIS contributes to the development of the Baltic Sea region as a dynamic, innovative and business driven region.

Within IRIS 14 business incubator partner organisations from all countries around the Baltic Sea share since October 2017 their experiences and developed and adapted suitable support instruments to improve regional innovation support.  These guidelines contain the tangible results which are useful for similar organisations but also all actors involved in regional innovation ecosystems and development.

IRIS in brief

Content - how we did it?
Existing incubator support instruments were divided and transferred between partners. New instruments were developed and tested.

Relevance - what to achieve?
Incubators are organisations to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Project IRIS shall strengthen management and support capacity of incubators in Baltic Sea region.

Partnership - who did it?
The partnership comprises 14 incubator organisations from all countries of the Baltic rim, including Russia.