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ProVaHealth - Product Validation in Health


Living Labs are user-centred, open-innovation ecosystems often operating in a territorial context, integrating concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private-people partnership. Co-creation and experimental testing of products in real-life cases are key aspects of living labs, who thereby help and support companies rapidly commercialize and scale up their innovations and products to global markets.

Living Labs are available for several Baltic Sea Region (BSR) health and well-being areas. However, a weak transnational and trans-sectoral coordination of the innovation chain in the BSR is slowing down transfer of innovative products and services. In order to further exploit the potential of the market and meet the societal challenges a process has been initiated by the life science and health economy network ScanBalt aiming for the “Baltic Sea Region as one test site for development of health care products and services”. ProVaHealth would become one important tool for this process with the aim of overcoming the following challenges 1) the Living Lab infrastructure serves only locally or regionally and 2) the existence of a slow market uptake of innovations.

Therefore, the main aim of ProVaHealth is to create a better collaboration between health living labs in the BSR region to ensure smoother access for health SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) to their services and through that better market uptake of their new products and services in health. This way it leads to enforcing BSR health innovation, creation of new health enterprises and growth of health SMEs with global potential as well as improving people’s health, well-being and quality of life.

In order to reach this aim ProVaHealth facilitates access to health infrastructures for startups and SMEs aiming for commercialization with excellent client validation opportunities, hands-on feedback and input for product development. ProVaHealth involves 14 health Living Labs from all BSR and works together with ScanBalt and the European Network of Living Labs.

Based on best practices and experience of the involved partner Living Labs ProVaHealth works towards concrete improvements in these Labs and in parallel develops processes for open access to the Living Lab services for SMEs from the entire BSR. The aim is to bring service to 300 SMEs instead of 160 (2015). The open services of all 14 ProVaHealth living labs become part of ScanBalt business online catalogue services. ProVaHealth involves 30 science parks, incubator or clusters offering services to their client SMEs.

ProVaHealth will produce a Self-Evaluation Toolbox for Living Labs, tested within 14 ProVaHealth Living Labs, a Transnational Living Lab Concept, including a service model, based on the needs of health SMEs from all BSR countries and will be available and usable for all Living Labs via the ScanBalt website and European Network of Living Labs. At the end of the project 14 partner Living Labs will have their long term business plans ready and 14 SMEs have a service and/or product validated.