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Making the Baltic Sea Region an ocean of start-ups


How can the support that business incubators give to entrepreneurs and start-ups be enhanced in order to sustainably strengthen the regional economic development? How can incubators contribute to shape the Baltic Sea Region into an attractive region for innovation and innovators?

The Interreg project IRIS is set out to answer questions like these. The aim of IRIS - short for "Improved Results in Innovation Support"- is to enhance incubator performance. Existing incubator support instruments will be shared and transferred between partners. New instruments will also be developed and tested. A Guideline with descriptions of useful support instruments will be made available also outside the partnership.

These measures are expecte to result in more surviving start-up companies and growing businesses. Thus, IRIS will contribute to development of the Baltic Sea Region as a dynamic, innovative and business driven region.

IRIS project partners met for the kick-off meeting in Tällberg, Sweden on Dec. 1st, 2017.



Part of the IRIS project are so-called peer reviews - where partner institutions mutually assess and evaluate offers and processes in a standardized procedure to give recommendations for changes and improvements.

On Dec 4 and 5, 2018 partners from Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus are examining WITENO.