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Testing innovation in everyday life.

Healthy Ageing with the support of modern technologies - that is the guiding topic of our regional InfoPoint ILWiA.  To achieve this goal we are operating a showcase apartment for the broad public which is equipped with various technical assistance systems supporting self-determined living and housing in old age.

The apartment offers a hands-on experience of technology providing the visitors with different comprehensible use cases. Up-to-date technical assistance systems are presented manufacturer and distributor-independent.  We manage the appartment in close collaboration with the administrative district Vorpommern-Greifswald and the non-profit association Initiative Leben und Wohnen im Alter (Association for living and housing in old age - ILWiA e.V.)

The ILWiA network was formed as part of the strategic process of coping with demographic challenges. It comprises of partners from health economy and housing industry, manufacturers and distributors, from care providers, social and public institutions as well as service providers with a practical background.

Do you have questions concerning the use of up-to-date, technology-based systems? Do you want to introduce your system into an interesting market or want to test it? Would you like to become part of our initiative? We gladly take care of your request.