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Aiming high.

We gladly assist both start-ups and SME´s.  If you are willing to develop a newco (new company) or to expand an existing business we offer our services.  Our focus is innovation from idea to implementation.

We have plenty of experience in the setup of innovative, technology oriented and knowledge based ventures.  Our sectoral focus is diverse, we cover topics within life science and health economy, in application of plasma technologies, energy and environment as well as IT and digitalisation.

In case you are planning to use public funding as incentive for business development we will assist in the acquisition. Rely on our team's comprehensive experience in implementation of regional, national and international funding projects.

WITENO maintains the Interreg South Baltic contact point open to all enquiries concering European funding schemes. The Regional InfoPoint on Healthy Ageing (Kommunale Beratungsstelle, municipal consulting office) has acquired unique knowledge in the field of assistance systems for elderly people living in their own homes.

Did we awake your curiosity? Please feel free to contact us.