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Current information on the programme

Additional SL2014 training

To assist with project accounting, especially for projects from the 5. call, there will be an additional training on the accounting software SL2014 on Feburary 14th 2019. With at least 3 participants, training will be held on site of the Technologiezentrum Vorpommern, Brandteichstraße 20, 17489 Greifswald. If you're interested, please contact the usual e-mail address.

Interreg South Baltic information for the 6. Call

[Translate to English:] Die Inhalte des 6. Projektaufrufes des Südliche Ostsee Programms

We are currently preparing for the 6. call of the South Baltic Programme. The linked video below shows current information on budget and planned topics for the 6. call, which will be open from october 1st to december 18th 2018.

Also, you can announce your ideas for the consultation with the JS, which will be in Löcknitz and Szczecin on 11.10.2018, under the following address:

Advance notice of South Baltic annual event 2019

1)     The annual event of 2019 will take place on the 25th and 26th of september in Poland. Details on location and official agenda will be published soon. Please put this event in your calendar, as it is mainly for SB-projects. 



Project presentations at the annual forum of the EUSBSR in Gdansk

Am On June 12th and 13th 2019, the annual forum of the EUSBSR will take place in Gdansk. Please get in touch if you're interested in taking part. The event is the perfect opportunity for presenting project outcomes to politicians from the baltic area.     



Representing the South Baltic Programme during the "Week of Regions and Cities" in Brussels

 This year we will represent the programme together during the Week of Regions and Cities, which takes place from the 7th until the 10th of october in Brussels. We are planning on organizing a workshops as well as a an exhibition. Please contact me if you wish to attend.